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Home Health Are Your Friends Hindering Your Weight Loss?

Are Your Friends Hindering Your Weight Loss?

by admin

“My mistake!”

Taking responsibility for positive life changes is important, right?

But what if it’s not entirely your fault?

There may be a few people in your life who contribute to your health.

You know them well.

That coworker who brings in delicious homemade cakes every week.

The loved one with a late-night sweet tooth.

The kids who leave food uneaten, making you feel obligated not to waste it.

You don’t want to blame others for your situation.

However, if you’re a people pleaser, it can be tough to resist socially pressured calories.

It can be seen as good manners.

But maybe it has caused you to gain weight.

So, is it completely your fault?

Maybe it’s the result of prioritizing others over yourself.

Do Your Friends Contribute to Weight Gain?

Many experts believe that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Research suggests that this principle also applies to your eating habits.

A study conducted at the University of California found that if a friend becomes obese, your chances of following their example increase by 57%.

What about your family?

If your sibling becomes obese, your likelihood of becoming obese rises by 40%.

If your spouse becomes obese, you have a 37% higher chance of becoming obese too.

This phenomenon wasn’t only observed among people who interacted daily.

It applies to those who are thousands of miles apart as well.

Does it sound like blaming others?

No, it’s supported by scientific evidence.

Small and regular dietary choices over a significant period of time can have a profound effect on your eating habits.

These choices are more powerful when they are socially accepted within your social circle.

However, before you start removing names from your holiday card list, there’s another approach.

Support Each Other

This study emphasized the negative impact that those around us have on our behavior.

However, it also demonstrated that we are social creatures who tend to imitate one another.

It stands to reason that this can also work in a positive way.

Mirroring our peers is true regardless of the physical distance between us, especially in a world where technology bridges gaps.

So, when you start taking better care of yourself or look more attractive in a photo you post, it positively influences those closest to you.

Use this as motivation.

Share the tips and strategies that have worked well for you.

Try incorporating foods like It’s Skinny pasta and rice into your diet, which only contain 9 calories, are high in fiber, have a low glycemic index, and zero net carbs.

Most of the It’s Skinny sales come from recommendations by friends who have shared this easy low-carb hack.

These small steps can make a significant impact on your close relationships, including yourself.

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