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The Evolution of Shaun Howard

by admin

At the beginning of 2021, a group of individuals enrolled in my VIP coaching program with a shared objective – to achieve the title of “best transformation” for 2021 and be featured in TRAIN! magazine.

Shaun Howard emerged as the winner, having lost an incredible 35.5lbs (although his total weight loss over a 10-month period exceeds 50lbs) while simultaneously gaining significant muscle mass. His transformation, as depicted in the photos, is truly remarkable.

Before                                                                After


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One aspect of my VIP coaching program that I find particularly rewarding is learning each client’s personal story. Shaun’s story is truly inspiring. Despite being a married man with two young children and a demanding job, Shaun overcame the obstacles that often serve as excuses for many men year after year.

As someone who receives numerous applications for my VIP coaching program on a daily basis, I personally review each one. This not only reflects my passion for coaching but also keeps me connected to the struggles and challenges faced by those seeking my guidance.

The most common obstacles my clients face include lack of time, low motivation, environmental factors, cravings, work commitments, family responsibilities, lack of access to gym equipment, and lack of direction. In reality, what these individuals need is external accountability (in this case, from me), a customized program tailored to their specific needs and lifestyle, and a clear path to follow, eliminating any guesswork.

When designing Shaun’s program, I had to consider his role as a father, husband, and someone with long work hours. This meant developing nutritional strategies that would work for him, determining the optimal time for cardio exercises, and designing a training program that would deliver results while factoring in his recovery. At the same time, Shaun had to fully commit to this new lifestyle and demonstrate discipline, which he clearly did.

The point I want to emphasize is that obstacles will always be present, and it’s up to you to overcome them. Making excuses will never lead to progress. However, just like Shaun, you can break free from this cycle and realize that you deserve better. As a parent, using your children as motivation can be a powerful driving force, as I have witnessed firsthand in the fathers (and some mothers) I coach through my VIP program.

Once you have made the decision that you and your loved ones deserve a better lifestyle, the next question is: “How do you get started and maintain momentum?” Many people start a transformation journey but fail to sustain it because their initial decision was made during a moment of intense emotion, which eventually subsides, leaving them lacking the determination to continue and often reverting to old habits. So, what is the solution?

Looking at Shaun’s example again, after he started working with me and eventually won the best transformation of 2021, it was all about maintaining momentum. Three key factors contributed to his continued progress during this transformation.

1) Check-Ins

As part of my VIP coaching program, Shaun would provide a weekly check-in, answering an extensive list of questions. This check-in is a crucial component that must be completed every Sunday, which Shaun faithfully adhered to. It allows me to analyze his progress, make any necessary adjustments to his diet, training cycle, recovery, and more importantly, gain deeper insight into his mindset. For example, if Shaun was experiencing low motivation due to work stress, I could provide specific solutions because I am aware of his circumstances. Without this awareness, it would be difficult to offer the right advice at the right time. These check-ins also serve as a source of accountability for clients because they know that if they haven’t followed the plan and failed to achieve desired results, I will hold them accountable. Having this level of accountability can make all the difference when faced with the temptation of a cheat meal during moments of mental weakness.

Shaun’s check-ins were consistently detailed and honest, which greatly contributed to his dramatic results, as they provided me with the necessary information to support him effectively.

2) Journaling 

I encouraged Shaun to use the strategy of journaling, which is often overlooked by many individuals. By writing down his daily experiences, expressing gratitude, and reaffirming his goals, Shaun became hyper-focused. Journaling also harnesses the power of gratitude, which helps manage stress, anxiety, and sustains motivation by allowing individuals to appreciate their progress rather than yearn for things that hinder their transformation. Psychologically, journaling plays a significant role in successfully navigating a transformation journey.

3) Ongoing Support 

In addition to the weekly check-ins, Shaun had access to my support throughout his transformation journey. It is essential to recognize that there will be moments during a transformation that will test your resolve and tempt you to give up. Having immediate support solidifies the principle of accountability. Shaun reached out to me when faced with obstacles, received my feedback, and most importantly, used it to overcome those obstacles.

Do you notice a common theme here?

Shaun made a conscious decision to achieve his desired results. He took action by joining my VIP coaching program and followed my guidance without making excuses. Despite having plenty of opportunities to do so, he remained committed. These are the reasons why we are celebrating his phenomenal results today!

What makes Shaun’s transformation even more rewarding for me is that his wife, who has been living with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 4, has also embraced a healthier lifestyle after witnessing his success. Shaun has become an inspiration not only to people around the world but also to his own family. Being a positive role model to one’s family is the highest achievement a parent or spouse can attain.

Today, Shaun continues to be actively coached by me through the VIP program as he pursues new goals.

And to conclude, Shaun has shared a heartfelt message:

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my family and close friends – Sanj, Jaxxon, and Axxel. I love you and thank you for your unwavering support. Thanks to Nick for his guidance and Kris for the personalized plan, knowledge, and accountability. If you want to follow my progress under Kris’ coaching, you can find me on Instagram:

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