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Transforming from Good to Great

by admin

Kiran Anugula had been weightlifting for a long time, but he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. That all changed when he decided to make some adjustments to his approach.

Vital Stats


Age: 32

Weight: 175lb

Height: 5’10

Body fat: 14%

Duration: 4 weeks


Duration: 4 weeks

Weight: 150lb

Body fat: 7%

AHA Moment

For years, Kiran had been striving for a great physique through his training, but he wasn’t seeing the results he desired. It wasn’t until 2016 when he discovered the importance of consuming the right kind of calories to build muscle. Inspired by the weightlifting and nutrition content shared on Instagram by Wittig Works, he tried some of their routines and started seeing significant results. He managed to decrease his body fat by 4% and even revealed his abs for the first time.

Overcoming Challenges

Finding accurate and reliable information about exercise, health, and fitness was a big challenge for Kiran. With so much conflicting information online, he wasn’t sure what to believe. Fortunately, he found guidance from an expert and surrounded himself with the right kind of social media content that provided him with the knowledge he needed. By incorporating this knowledge into his daily life, he was able to take his physique to a whole new level and achieve great health and fitness.

Food Corrections

Kiran, being a chef, had always been surrounded by food but lacked the understanding of how calories and nutrition impact the body. When he discovered that consuming the right foods can lead to serious results, he began focusing on eating the right amount of calories and macros to support his goals. He realized how important food is for overall health and fitness.

Correct Steps

Kiran is a firm believer in continuous learning and takes notes for success. Trying someone else’s workout routine was a game changer for him because it gave him a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. Having a plan and setting specific goals helped him modify various factors such as exercises, nutrition, hydration, and sleep patterns.

My Diet Breakdown

Protein: 1.5 grams per pound of body weight

Carbs: Low Off day: 0.75g, Med: 1.0g, High: 1.30g

Fats: 0.25

Monday: Medium Carbs

Tuesday: High Carbs

Wednesday: Medium Carbs

Thursday: Medium Carbs

Friday: Medium Carbs

Saturday: High Carbs

Sunday: Low Off

Nutritional breakdown

8 am: 18 oz of water, whey protein, glutamine, BCAA

9 am: 1/2 cup Kodiak cakes, 32g peanut butter

9:30am: Pre-workout, creatine


12pm: Post-workout recovery shake

1pm: 1 scoop whey, 1/2 cup mixed berries, sprinkle some spinach and kale, 1/2 cup oats into a smoothie.

4:30pm: 6 oz chicken or turkey with 1.5 cup of mixed veggies 1/2 cup of brown rice

7:30pm: 1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup walnuts

10pm: 6 oz fish, green salad dressed with lemon and vinegar or 1.5 mix veggies

12:00am: 1 scoop of casein

My Training Plan

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

Wednesday: Cardio and Abs

Thursday: Shoulders and HIIT

Friday: Chest and Triceps

Saturday: home HIIT and Abs

Sunday: Off

Advice To Others

Kiran suggests that fixing nutrition and focusing on macro nutrient needs should be the starting point of any fitness journey. Hydration and following a program from a reputable trainer are also crucial. Following this order helped Kiran transform his life and achieve his desired results. He also emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are already committed to a healthy lifestyle. They can provide support, consistency, and help you learn from your mistakes. Lastly, Kiran advises finding joy in what you do, as that will keep you inspired to keep going.

Future Plans

Kiran’s passion for health and fitness has become an integral part of his lifestyle, and he plans to continue leveling up while maintaining consistency, dedication, and motivation.

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