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Developing a Strong Mindset

by admin

To achieve success, it is crucial to give your all.

This means ticking all the boxes, working hard, playing, training, eating, sleeping, and repeating.

Achieving success requires renouncing entitlement and embracing hard work.

However, in order to truly maximize your potential, it is important to find a daily counterbalance to stress.

Research shows that stress disrupts your ability to access memories and blocks problem-solving abilities.

While stress may hinder your brain, there are proven techniques you can use to strengthen your mind each day.

1. Embrace Good Luck and Bad Luck
Even when faced with negative events, try to find the positives, no matter how vague they may seem. This can improve your emotional well-being, according to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology.

2. Take a Break from Thinking for 20 Minutes
Engaging in meditation or breathing exercises can reduce stress and help you make fewer mistakes at work, as found in a study published in Brain Sciences.

3. Vary Your Exercise Routine
Exercise has been shown to have cardiovascular benefits for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress, according to research from the American College of Cardiology. Consider incorporating real-life elements into your workout regimen, such as Brian Mazza’s High Performance Lifestyle Training (, as featured in TRAIN magazine.

4. Spend Time in Nature
Spending time outdoors during your workout can instantly lower stress levels, as stated in a paper published in Public Health in Practice. Ditch the treadmill and enjoy some green surroundings.

If you want to achieve a high-performance mindset, take inspiration from Brian Mazza, the cover model of TRAIN magazine. He prefers to run without music, using his outdoor exercise time as a mindful, tech-free experience to reflect on the day’s events without distractions.

While music may motivate you during a run, Brian’s unique approach to finding moments of solitude during his workouts can provide you with a significant long-term upgrade for both your body and mind.

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