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The Three Stages of Perfecting Your Protein

by admin

Increasing your protein intake is a common recommendation for both weight loss and muscle gain. However, the protein game is more complex than it seems.

Stage one – Clean Protein

In the first stage, the focus is on consuming clean protein. This means choosing unprocessed, high-quality sources of protein. Avoid fried or heavily processed options, as well as products made from various animal body parts.

Stage two – Protein Intake

Once you have mastered stage one, it’s time to move on to stage two. This stage involves calculating your daily protein intake. The general recommendation is to consume about one gram of protein per kilogram of desired body weight in pounds. While there is some concern about the impact on kidney health, current research suggests that this level of protein intake is safe. At this stage, it becomes crucial to monitor your protein intake throughout the day.

Stage three – Protein Timing

In the final stage, the focus shifts to optimizing protein timing. It is recommended to consume protein both before and after your workout to support muscle recovery and growth. Many people choose whey protein as it is easy to absorb. However, recent research suggests that timing is also important. A study published in the journal Cell Reports found that consuming high levels of protein in the morning can enhance muscle growth. Participants who had a high-protein breakfast experienced improvements in muscle volume and grip strength. Therefore, it is advised to incorporate a protein-rich meal in the morning to maximize muscle gains.

How to Incorporate Protein

A simple way to increase morning protein intake is by eating eggs. You can safely consume 2-3 eggs to start your day. Most people only have around 15 grams of protein in the morning, but for optimal muscle growth, aim for approximately 28 grams. This applies to individuals of all ages looking to gain muscle mass. Avoid wasting this protein opportunity with unhealthy options like donuts or bread that offer little nutritional value. If you struggle to consume enough protein, a whey protein shake can be a convenient alternative. Remember to continue consuming protein before and after your workouts, but don’t neglect the importance of protein in your morning routine. Your muscles will thank you for it.

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