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Home Nutrition Can Tactical Professionals Use CBD Safely?

Can Tactical Professionals Use CBD Safely?

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With the current uncertainties surrounding CBD and hemp regulations, third-party certification can provide a sense of security for first responders, tactical professionals, and military service members who are interested in trying CBD without the risk of testing positive for THC or experiencing any unwanted psychoactive effects. It’s important to look for Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) Certified CBD products that have been tested to ensure your safety. However, it’s worth noting that CBD products are still prohibited in the U.S. military due to current hemp and DOD policies.

The rapid growth of the CBD and hemp industry has led to increased competition among companies, making it challenging for brands to stand out.

Fortunately, third-party certification offers significant benefits for CBD and hemp brands as it demonstrates their commitment to quality, building trust among customers and consumers. For tactical professionals who are subject to drug testing, this certification could be the determining factor between a pass or fail result.

What is Third-Party Certification?

Third-party certification typically focuses on three main areas or a combination of them:

1. Auditing the production and quality control process.

2. Testing to validate label claims and detect environmental contaminants.

3. Specialty options that cater to specific requirements such as gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, or protection against WADA prohibited substances or other drugs.

While some certification providers offer broad coverage in multiple areas, others specialize in a specific area.

Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) introduced the Certified CBD program as the world’s first CBD certification program. It combines quality control audits, label claim and environmental contaminant testing, and banned substance screening into a comprehensive program. The BSCG Certified CBD program aims to offer unique protection to the CBD product industry and consumers, including tactical professionals.

Certified CBD Benefits Everyone

Finished product brands need assurance that the raw materials they use are legally produced and meet the required limits for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC) content. Failing to comply with these requirements can lead to significant setbacks and legal risks. Consumers and tactical professionals want to be confident that the CBD products they use accurately represent the CBD content stated on the label and do not cause any unwanted psychoactive effects or potential harm due to excessive Δ-9-THC or other impurities. The presence of hidden drugs in CBD products can be a regulatory nightmare for brands and pose health risks to consumers. Therefore, the Certified CBD program provides much-needed protection for everyone involved.

Ensuring Clear Operations for Tactical Professionals

Tactical professionals must exercise extra caution when using CBD products to avoid testing positive for excessive THC. The Certified CBD program is specifically designed to limit THC to trace levels, ensuring that it does not pose a risk of a positive drug test. To ensure your safety, always look for the BSCG Certified CBD seal.

The BSCG Certified CBD program offers protection against banned substances in sports and other potential drug contaminants. It verifies that products meet label claims and are free of environmental contaminants. By choosing BSCG Certified CBD products, you not only guarantee the highest quality, but also safeguard yourself against a failed drug test.

Every batch of BSCG Certified CBD products undergoes testing for 505 drugs, including 296 substances on the WADA Prohibited List and 209 over-the-counter, illicit, or prescription drugs. This comprehensive testing menu makes BSCG Certified CBD the leading third-party certification program for banned substances.

BSCG Certified CBD offers tactical professionals maximum protection against hidden risks of dietary supplement contamination. It helps protect your career by ensuring a negative drug test result, so you can serve your country or community with confidence and pride.

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