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Assessing Your Fitness Level for Military Service

by admin

Not everyone has the desire to join the military.

However, it is important to evaluate your physical capability to meet the demands in case the need ever arises.

So, what are the requirements to be eligible?

The military has identified the need for strength, endurance, and stamina.

To determine this, the Army has developed an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) that you must pass in order to be considered.

Here are the three events involved in the test:

– Two minutes of push-ups.

– Two minutes of sit-ups.

– A timed two-minute run.

Seems simple, right?

Not quite. Your performance is evaluated based on your age, gender, and the number of reps you can complete.

What are the minimum requirements?

For individuals aged 17-21, you need to do at least 35 push-ups (13 for women), 47 sit-ups (for both men and women), and complete a 2-mile run in 16 minutes and 36 seconds (19 minutes and 42 seconds for women).

For individuals aged 22-26, the requirements are slightly lower: 31 push-ups (11 for women), 43 sit-ups (for both men and women), and a 2-mile run in 17 minutes and 30 seconds (20 minutes and 36 seconds for women).

The reason why a 22-year-old needs to do fewer reps than a 21-year-old remains unclear, but these are the standards that must be met.

If you can do 77 push-ups, you score 100 points. If you can do 82 sit-ups, you also score 100 points. Achieving a total of 180 points guarantees your eligibility.

Regardless of whether you have any intention of enlisting, it is always important to set personal standards. If these markers are deemed good enough for the military, they should be good enough for anyone.

If you are currently serving in the military or considering joining, it is crucial to have a well-rounded diet, recovery plan, and a reliable supplement regimen to optimize your physical performance.

The military takes its responsibilities seriously, so it is essential to ensure that everything you consume, including supplements, is above board.

All branches of the armed forces and first responders are subject to drug testing for their own safety and the safety of the public.

Even if you are not using any prohibited substances, certain supplements can still pose a risk of failing these tests.

To guarantee that you choose dietary supplements that have been certified by third-party testing to be free of banned substances, such as protein shakes, is crucial.

By making this kind of informed purchasing decision, you eliminate the risk of a positive drug test resulting from supplement use.

To ensure your safety, only select products with the BSCG Drug Free Seal. These products have undergone testing for the presence of 505 drugs or harmful agents, making it the most comprehensive testing menu available. This provides maximum protection against potential contamination of dietary supplements and gives you the confidence to train without concerns.

So, what is the key to improving your performance on the APFT tests and achieving a good score?

One word: Practice.

You can incorporate these exercises into your daily routine at home by doing 2-3 sets of maximum reps for push-ups and sit-ups throughout the day. With consistent practice, you will notice significant progress and be able to achieve a higher score.

It really is as simple as that.

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